Photo Expeditions

A Foggy Winter Beach

We had quite a lot of fog over the Christmas holidays, so here I am, finally having time to do some exploring, but… Continue

Kick off 2017: New Projects

A new year has begun, and I enjoyed doing projects so much last year that I wanted to do some again… Continue

Commute Project 2016: The Video

As some of you may know, I did a commute project this year (see here) where I took a photo… Continue

When The Light Is Right: Pastel Mornings

Fall is almost over, cold mornings are getting more frequent and the trees are mostly bare without any leaves. But on these… Continue

The Fall Forest

There is that short period during the fall when the leaves are colouring into orange and yellow, but still covering the… Continue

Wonders Of Fall On My Morning Commute

Fall is about six weeks old, and so far it has been pretty generous with the sought after (at least… Continue