Photo Expeditions

Four Days on Rhodes and a roll of Portra 400

Two weeks ago my man, my niece and I spend a few days in Greece, on the island Rhodes. We… Continue

And Then There Was Slide: Shooting A Sunrise On Velvia 100

In my last post I showed some photos I shot on a foggy summer morning on Portra 400¬†(some digital shots… Continue

Summer Fog

I used to think that foggy sunny mornings were¬†reserved for fall and winter, but it turns out you just have… Continue

Image Project #3

Phew, it's been over three months since Helen and I added something to our Imagine project. I planned to update… Continue

Witven Water Reflections

Although it seems like film has taken over my photography, I do make digital work as well. As I have… Continue

Developing Color Film at Home: When a Mistake Becomes Art

Since December last year I have been developing color film at home, so far without major issues. This time however,… Continue