Photo Expeditions

Snorkeling Bonaire

I am still committed to photograph the underwater world on film, and although it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain… Continue

The Colours of Bonaire

The older I get, the more I appreciate warm weather. It seems that in the end I am a tropical… Continue

My First Exhibition, Or How To Survive A Photography Course

Last summer I decided that I wanted to improve my photography skills, and that doing a course would be the… Continue

Another Fall Has Ended

It's not a secret that I enjoy the forest, so I cannot just slide into winter without a fall forest… Continue

The Wet Part Of Karpathos

My love for Karpathos doesn't stop with exploring the land (see my previous post), some of the best moments on… Continue

My Love For Karpathos

This post is my love letter to Karpathos, a beautiful island in the Greek Aegean Sea. My man and I… Continue