As you might have seen in my previous post, my man, my niece and I spent a few lovely days on Rhodes. A perfect place to take the Nikonos, because it is hot enough to go swimming, and the water is very, very clear. Although the fish are not as colourful as the ones in the Caribbean, there is certainly plenty to see and enjoy.

I started on the first day with Portra 400, as I didn’t know how much light I would have:

As you can see, the water is very clear, so on the next days I used Velvia 100. I must say, the difference in saturation is not even that big, except for the next few photos. The blues here are out of this world!

Spotting the fish:

Having my niece with us meant having a fabulous model available 🙂 . I had a goal of my own: I wanted to dive a few meters under the surface to be able to get a different viewpoint. I managed a few times to get relatively low, but then the problems really start. I had to grab the camera, look through the viewfinder, and find the release button. By the time I had done all that most of the time I would have floated back to the surface. Or was still moving up, giving motion blur. But some of the next photos were taken from a lower point, and even with the motion blur (4th photo) I like them!

I will finish off with a collection of photos showing the underwater-world and the fish. I definitely recommend this place!

The photos were developed by ColorUtrecht photo lab, and scanned by me.

Thanks for reading!