Here’s a new episode in the Imagine Project, a project where my friend Helen and I joined forces to bring lyrics and images together, hopefully complementing each other (the lyrics and images), and inspiring each other (my friend and me). For me the reason to start this project was to get me out of my comfort zone, and the last time that was exactly what happened, as I staged a scene in my bedroom. This time however I stayed a bit closer to my normal photography, as I made a photo in a forest. I took the text, and translated it into elements I know I can create in a forest, and with those elements in the back of my head I walked around looking for the right image. You can find the text and image below, but I want to tell you a bit more about the process.

The elements in the text I focussed on are ‘night’, ‘red lights’ and ‘everything could have changed’. I went to a forest to find darkness in the shadows under the trees, representing the night. I tried to use lens-flare to create red lights. And when I saw the spider-web I knew that I wanted to incorporate that to portray the volatility.

As for Helen’s text, it came at the right time for me. My recovery since my surgery (read about it here if you want to know more) has been rocky to say the least, and I have been wondering what to do or how to work harder. But her text reminded me that sometimes you just have to be patient, and wait, and have faith.


#4 August 6

Helen’s text for Aukje

“Er zijn momenten in je leven die ’s nachts knipperen als de rode lampen op hoge gebouwen in aanvliegroutes van vliegtuigen, korte momenten waarin je alles had kunnen veranderen.”


“There are moments in your life that twinkle in the night like the red lights on tall buildings in the approach paths of airplanes, short moments in which you could have changed everything.”

Text: quote from Max, Mischa & het Tet-offensief van Johan Harstad (2017), (p. 874)

Photo: Leica M240 with Summilux 1.4/50mm.

Aukje’s image for Helen

“Ik wist niet waarom, maar ik had het vage idee dat alles wel weer een beetje tot bedaren zou komen – net als omgewoeld water weer glad wordt als je even wacht


” I didn’t know why, but I had the vague idea that everything would become calm again – just as agitated water smooths out when you just wait a while

Text: Je had moeten gaan van Daniel Kehlmann (2016), (p. 77)

Photo: Minolta Riva Panorama with Kodak Portra 400


Thanks for reading!