A new year has begun, and I enjoyed doing projects so much last year that I wanted to do some again this year. I have decided on three new projects. That may sound like a lot, but I think I can manage 🙂

1: Project Imagine

First of all, I am very proud to announce a cooperation with my friend Helen. Together we will be doing a project called ‘Imagine’, where we will give each other something to inspire the other. I will give Helen a photo, which she will use to create text, and Helen gives me text that I will use as inspiration for a photo. We have already started, our #1 result is on the project page:


The photo I sent Helen for inspiration


2: Commute project 50mm

Last year I did a commute project where I took a photo on the same spot every workday, see here. I am still not bored of the spot, and the habit is so strong that I like to continue this project in 2017. But this year I will be using the 50mm Summilux instead of the 35mm Summicron, and I chose a spot closer to the edge of the canal to include more of the mirrored trees. Keep track of my images here:

Commute project 2017

January 2nd (9.34 hr). 1.4/50mm; 1/500 sec @ f/6.8


3: Commute project instax

I recently bought a Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, basically because the instax format sounds like a lot of fun. I decided to do a similar commute project with this camera because I like the format of repetition. I scouted locations in December, and this is what I have decided on:

Fuji Instax mini

You can find the project page here:

Commute Instax Mini

Well that’s it. That means that I don’t have a project for my Leica M2, but I think three is enough. I will be pursuing home development of both black and white as color film, as well as home scanning. I will elaborate on this in the next post.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy new year to you & yours Aukje. I will look forward to reading more about your work with the Instax, a very interesting project in my opinion.

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