Every winter we visit Curaçao, a lovely island in the Caribbean Sea. It is a luxury hard to resist, almost two weeks of summer in the middle of February. This year was no different, it is such a pleasure to experience the warmth, the sun, all the colors! And I took a lot of cameras with me… So without much words, I just want to share my photos. There are a few digital files, but mostly it is film, as I am still not finished experimenting with that. If you want, you can click on the photos to scan through the gallery. Enjoy!

Photos from around our apartment, or views from the balcony. The resort is beautifully laid out with gorgeous flowers.

Photos from the beach where we went daily for snorkelling and food and drinks:

Photos from our favourite beach, called Karakter, further to the West of the island:


Thanks for visiting!

6 thoughts on “Photos Of Curaçao

  1. That looks like more fun than a trip to hospital! Summer in winter sounds like a great idea. Loving the film images.

  2. Wow! You take a lot of cameras on vacation! Your images are lovely as always. I shot nine rolls of 36 with my Nikon FE in New Zealand in February – essentially my first foray into film. I was on my second roll when I fell into Dorothy’s Creek, shooting Dorothy’s Falls. Got soaked head to toe, along with the camera! I dried out the camera in the sun, changed the batteries, and continued to shoot the remaining two weeks as if the camera still worked. Fortunately, everything turned out fine, for now at least. Don’t know if the camera will deteriorate over time.
    Meanwhile, your pictures are an inspiration to me.

    1. Hi Sheldon, thanks for you kind words. About the amount of camera’s, there was also an Instax mini camera, which photos aren’t in here 🙂
      That is a great story, I don’t think you could pull off swimming with a digital camera and move on like that…

    1. Thanks Travis. It was my first experience with Velvia, but I am pretty happy with the results.

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