In the fall of 2015 I started to explore film photography. It goes without saying that I need to practise a lot to master this (or reach an acceptable level). That is why I started the 366 project on January 1st. I publish the results on my tumblr blog:

My Leica M2 film camera, photographed with the Olympus 35 SP (that I no longer have) on Kodak Portra 400.

I have also written about my experience with film as a guest blogger on My ‘one-year anniversary of film’ – post is here:

My Thoughts After One Year Of Shooting Film – Guest Post by Aukje

2 thoughts on “366 Film Photography Project

  1. Interesting project! It gave me so much inspiration that I will start a 365 commute on january 1st myself. Living in the countryside near Breda, there are enough subjects. Thank you!
    Regarding the film development: have you ever tried Het Beeldgebouw? , they develop film and can scan the negatives as well.

    1. Thanks, Edwin, that is a great compliment! I never tried Het Beeldgebouw for develop and scan as the prices are higher then AG-photolab, which delivers good quality. But I have ordered chemicals from them as I am starting home development. We will see how that goes…

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