My Commute Instax Mini project is similar to my other Commute projects (2016, 2017) as that I take a photo each workday from the same spot, but this time with my Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic camera. And I chose a different spot as the instax camera works best if not shot against the sun. After considering a few locations I chose this one, with the three trees in a row.



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4 thoughts on “Commute Instax Mini

  1. I really love your new commute project, thanks for sharing it 🙂
    Just one question though, do you plan to add a note with date and time for each picture or you want them without any indication?

    1. Hi Marco, thanks! For some reason I thought this looks nicer without the date and time, although I do that for the digital commute project. Do you think it adds value if I would add it?

      1. Hi Aukje! I think it is nice to have a reference and see the evolution of the light over consecutive days at a similar time. Like a reminder of the seasons. 🙂

        1. Hi Marco, It took some time to answer, but I agree, so I have updated the page with dates. Thanks for giving me useful feedback!

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